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Creating your charater: lvl 2

No Droid charaters
1)who is your charater
2)whats your background
3)what are you being hunted for. or why are you on the out skirt of the galaxy.

ability scores ( choose one )
14, 11, 17, 14, 12, 15
17, 13, 17, 8, 12, 10
Time of this game will be just after the fall of the empire. The empire is at war with itself and with the new republic. The new jedi order is rebuilding and the crime lords our thriving like never before. This game will mainly be a scoundrel game. trying to survive outside the law of any of these governments.

You are living on the out skirts of the galaxy trying to survive everyday life. for one reason our the other you are a wanted person by one of the major organizations thru out the galaxy. When one of the hutt lords has offered you a simple job that could feed and let you make it for a full month.

Main Page

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