Gen'Dai Soldier


Battle-scarred man of 2.6 m in height, wielding a Arg’garok and lightly armored.


He grew up a traveler and wanderer like the rest of his race. He found a place with the Gamorreans on their planet were they taught him how to weild the arg’garok. He became blood brothers with one of the factions on the planet and joined them in their territorial skirmishes surviving battles that would have destroyed most men for about a century. When the leader of the faction died and many of his brothers had fallen from the numerous battles, an opposing faction took power and slaughtered the rest of the faction. He was given the choice being a foreigner to face death or be exiled and never allowed to return to the planet. He chose the later and has been surviving in the outer reaches of the galaxy making a living as a mercenary for hire for about the last century or so.


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